Teentricity Youth Ministry

Point of Light Church Teentricity Youth Ministry

Welcome to the Point of Light Teentricity Youth ministry. Our mission is to ENCOURAGE, INSPIRE, TEACH, and MOTIVATE the youth of this current generation to aspire to heights they couldn’t think they could achieve.

  • We want to ENCOURAGE this generation of youth to excel spiritually, academically, and prosper in whatever their calling of God is.
  • Spiritually thru instruction in the word of God and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to give them guidance in their teen years and not to walk aimlessly, but with purpose in their lives.
  • Academically in school to study and work hard and not settle for average, or worse yet less than average.
  • To Prosper in every area of their lives, spirit, soul, mind, and body.
  • We want to INSPIRE them to be great and walk in excellence in every aspect of their lives and not succumb to the desires that teens face today. To stand up and be counted for righteousness against what is “normal” in this present world.
  • We want to TEACH them the word of God and how to walk in it daily even during their teen years and to boldly proclaim the word to their peers, and dispel any spirit of fear they may encounter.
  • We want to MOTIVATE them to worship and serve God with all their heart and to do their very best because that’s what God wants from us and for us.